Our production works since 2010 year.

Since 2010, we have been designing, manufacturing and building wooden and frame residential and holiday homes. We build our production houses in Lithuania and Europe. Our production workshop is located in the Vilnius region. Juodbali language We produce thermal logs and SIP panels in it. We can also install the entire structure of the house inside and deliver the already equipped house or its details to your plot.

MODULAR Houses made of SIP panels and thermal logs

brown wooden board
brown wooden board

You can now have your own little house even faster - you just need to choose a house project that meets your needs. Many typical project houses do not require building permits, which significantly shortens the path to your dream. If you have your own plot, you can have a house on it in just 1 month. from signing the contract! For your convenience, we present typical house projects from SIP panels or Thermal logs. All houses have a small area, but all spaces are efficiently planned. There is enough space for living and recreation, convenient and invisible places for engineering devices and storage of things are provided. All typical home projects are adapted for use in all seasons. Due to their good thermal properties, they will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

Innovation in the construction of wooden houses termorastai termorastai

In order to improve the quality of wooden houses in 2016. we have created a solution for building warm, tight and authentic-looking wooden houses - Thermo log technology. For the first time, we demonstrated the Thermolog technology house in 2016. Agrobalt and Resta exhibitions in Lithuania. The new product was well received in the market as a warm and ecological solution for a wooden house. in 2020 We built the first A+ energy class wooden house from Termorustai in Lithuania. Houses built using Thermolog technology are suitable for use in the climate conditions of Lithuania and the whole of Europe in all seasons. We manufacture houses from Termarust and export them to England, Spain, France, the Czech Republic and other European countries.



Thermal log is an ecological and warm composite wooden wall detail, which outwardly resembles a classic wooden log. Using a unique production technology, two-component closed-cell foam polyurethane is poured in liquid form between two wooden lamellas. The formed Thermolog becomes a strong, tight wall detail, which outwardly resembles a wooden log. Building from thermal logs is fast and efficient. A house built using this technology has good thermal properties (the resistance of a 10 cm thick insulation layer is 4.55, λ = 0.022 W/mK). Only after assembling Thermolog walls, you immediately have an internal and external finishing surface, which only needs to be painted in the chosen color.

Quick and easy construction

Molded Thermologs are extremely light. Each Thermolog can be lifted by one person, so there is no need to use a crane during construction. The house using this technology can be assembled on site (on already installed foundations) or it can be fully assembled in our production workshop and brought to your plot with partial or full decoration. Duration of construction on site - up to 5 days. d. (installation of wall structure). The duration of installation of the delivered house on the foundation - 1-2 days. d.

Quick and easy construction

  • Ecological building material;

  • Quick and easy assembly;

  • The house is immediately fully insulated;

  • A crane is not required for construction;

  • The outer walls are light, tight, strong and extremely thin (energy efficiency class C from 11 cm thick, energy efficiency class B from 15 cm thick);

  • The interior and exterior finishing surface is immediately installed, which only needs to be painted; Authentic decoration of a wooden house.

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