As the ideas of remote living are rapidly becoming popular in the world, we can help you realize your dream of living where you always wanted - by your favorite lake, or maybe by the sea, in the forest, or in another natural area close to your heart. The most important thing is that you don't have to commit to one place. You can move your home at any time! Even to another country. Houses on wheels - small houses adapted for full life or rest, which are built on special trailers. You will be able to live in this house in all seasons, and you will find everything you need for a comfortable everyday life. Building permits are not required for this type of house. You can park them anywhere where car traffic and parking are not prohibited. The maximum external dimensions of this type of house are: Height with trailer: up to 4 m; Width: 2.5 m; Weight: 3.5 t. When designing houses on wheels, we are constantly faced with the challenges of adapting a small interior space for comfortable living or recreation. These challenges have been solved by the Polish mobile home manufacturers MobiHouse, which we represent. In each of the proposed houses, every corner of the house is thought out in order to create a comfortable and useful space for living. In MobiHouse you will find full-fledged living rooms, kitchens, comfortable bathrooms and sleeping areas. Fulfill your desire to settle in the corner of your dreams with the MobiHouse home!


Dimensions Length: 6 m; Width: 2.2 m; Height: 3.5 m; Total area of ​​the house with mezzanine: 22 sq.m.

There are even 5 sleeping places in the house!

Mobi 01 is inspired by the Scandinavian design style.

Only natural materials were used to create the house.

It is a simple, aesthetic and extremely functional house that will easily fit into any environment.


Dimensions Length: 6 m; Width: 2.2 m; Height: 3.5 m; Total area of ​​the house with mezzanine: 16.73 sq.m.

The house can comfortably sleep 4-6 people! Mobi 02 is a true representative of the mobile Tiny House category.

Just 16.73 sq.m. 4-6 people can settle in the area.

When designing this house, storage areas were taken into account. It is equipped with additional smart multi-functional storage boxes, where you can store your camping equipment or your sports equipment. With Mobi 02, relax wherever your imagination takes you.

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